Upcoming Works

Publications (updated 4/2/2010):

  • Jon's award winning poem "Self Talk" appears in the Portland Pen Women's newsletter, Spring 2010.
  • Jon's award winning poem "Ghost BIkes" will appear in the 2010 Verseweavers.
  • Jon's award winning poems "Japan 1944: Fusen Bakudan" and "The Time and Fates of Man" appear on the Winning Writers website.

Books and Chapbooks (updated 4/8/10):

Jon continues to perfect his manuscripts for a book-length for a collection of poems titled "Resonance" and a chapbook titled "Beautiful Lies."   Both manuscripts have been submitted for several national contests.

George Bernard Shaw was once quoted, “A man comes to believe in the end the lies he tells himself about himself.”  "Resonance" and "Beautiful Lies" capture Jon's harrowing and humorous examination of personal truth while experiencing a rapid decline in health.  He grapples with death, family history, love, memory, God, legend and legacy.  You know, the small stuff.

"This experience of going through kidney failure and waiting for a transplant has been clarifying.  My new work carries an urgency and intimacy that I hope readers find compelling."   

Author's Note:

If you suffer from kidney disease or support someone who does, check out my blog.  Also, upon request, I share poems with directly with patients and healthcare groups.  I also do readings that explore the experience of chronic illness and waiting for an organ transplant.  Click here to email Jon. 

If this site is thin on poems, I apologize.  Many of my poems are active entries in contests or are in consideration for publication by literary journals.  Publishers often require "first rights" of publication both in print and online.  As the rights are returned to me, this site will be updated with new work.  Please check back regularly or sign up for my newsletter for the latest information.  

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