Jon E. Seaman lives and works in Portland, Oregon.  He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Professional Actor Training Program at the University of Utah.  Jon worked as a professional actor and playwright.  He spent two seasons at the Sundance National Playwriting Lab and studied at Circle in the Square on Broadway. 

At some point on his journey, Jon realized that as a six-foot eight-inch actor, he would forever play criminals and generals.  Therefore, during the last twenty years, Jon has worked in strategic marketing and brand management.

In March of 2008, at the age of 41 Jon suffered kidney failure from reflux nephropathy, a chronic kidney condition that deteriorated since early childhood.  

On May 10, 2010, after 26 months of working full time for health insurance while struggling with hemodialysis and serving time on the transplant waiting list, Jon received a lifesaving kidney transplant. 

This extraordinary gift of life was made possible by the generosity of an anonymous altruistic living kidney donor.  This is the rarest form of kidney donation with an estimate of only 100 transplants of this type taking place each year in the United States.  Jon is only the 7th person in Oregon to receive a kidney this way.

Today, Jon finds purpose and solace within the urgent intimacy of poetry.   He hopes his story will inspire you to save a life and become an organ donor.

Jon is grateful for this second opportunity at life and is humbled beyond tears by the gift of a complete stranger.  He seeks to honor and thank the donor by living optimistically, treating others with kindness, and whenever possible, giving back to those in need.

Jon adores his wife, Tracey, who often endures the unenviable roles of caretaker and editor.  He enjoys training Coda the rowdy German shepherd, sharing time with friends and family.  Jon is obsessed with scientific discovery, apocalyptic video games and of course, the transformative power of poetry.

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