(Updated 11/28/10)

  • Jon's poem "Bag of Wasps" won First Prize in Naugatuck River Review's 2nd Annual Narrative Poetry Prize as judged by Particia Smith.
  • Jon won an International Publication Prize from The Atlanta Review's 2010 International Poetry Competition for his poem Japan 1944: Fūsen Bakudan.
  • Jon's poem "It's a Sign" was a finalist and won Honorable Mention in the 2010 Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest, sponsored by Winning Writers.
  • Jon's book-length manuscript "Resonance" was named as a finalist for the 2010 Elixir Antivenom Poetry Prize.
  • Jon book-length manuscript for "Beautiful Lies" was named a finalist for the 2009 Pearl Poetry Prize.
  • Jon's poem "Big Mike" was named a finalist in the Naugatuck River Review's narrative poetry contest and was published in the 2010 Winter issue.
  • Jon won first place with his poem "Ghost Bikes" in the 2009 Oregon State Poetry Association's Fall Contest in the free verse category.  "Ghost Bikes" will be published in the 2010 Verseweavers.  His poem "Nesting" won and Honorable Mention in the members only category.
  • Jon was a Finalist for Ropewalk's 2009 Thomas Wilhelmus Award for his chapbook "Beautiful Lies."
  • Jon was a Finalist in the 2009 Atlanta Review International Poetry Competition for his poems "Einsamkeit," "Victims," and "Two Years Later."
  • Jon's poem "Father's Day" won third place in the 2009 Oregon State Poetry Association's "Something's Fishy" contest.
  • Jon's poem "Hanford" won first place in the 2009 Oregon State Poetry Association's Spring Contest "Poet's Choice" category and was published in the 2009 edition of "Verseweavers."
  • Jon's poem "Resonance" won first place the Willamette Week's Smokin' Word Poetry Contest.
  • Jon's story "Epicenter" was an Editor's Choice in the Best of InterText Magazine.


On "Self-talk"
"The reader is drawn in by the compression and word choice.  Visibly well balanced stanzas.  Powerful energy and compelling details.  Strongly introspective with a 'can-do' attitude."  -- Portland Pen Women Judges Comments.    

On "Hanford:"
"In Hanford the central metaphor, the marble, takes on such a sinister twist.  The way the poet handles they symbol is deft, compairing flesh to glass.  And when the poet opens the conceit to the camera lens, suddenly the reader is exposed to the pictures possible, the ones few have seen, the ones that those who lived in the time and place did not see. And the irony devastates the reader:  we know that the seeing is what could have saved them.  Here is a poem that speaks the truth few want to comprehend, really.  Here is a story that is vital to tell."  -- Kate Gray

On "Resonance:"
"A haunting evocation of urban rootlessness.  Its electric images are powered by an awe-some
(in the true sense of the word) vocabulary."  -- Stephen Silvis

On "Epicenter:"
"Sometimes life is a force of habit: eat this, do that, go there. And sometimes experiences let us see our habits for what they are. But larger experiences can do the same thing..."  -- Jason Snell

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